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The criteria for membership are:

A Registered Professional Nursing Practitioner practicing in the Occupational Health Field or 

Other Health Professionals with an interest/employment in Occupational Health eligible as affiliated members. 

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2021 Membership Fee

Registered Professional Nurses actively participating in any field of Occupational Health (in the Republic of South Africa), who are current paid up members of SASOHN and SANC. 
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2021 Membership Fee

Any Health Professional other than a Registered Professional Nurse (e.g. Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, etc.) in any other field related to Occupational Health, or Occupational Health Nursing Practitioners.
Honorary Life Member


2021 Membership Fee

Honorary Life Membership is awarded, as per the set Criteria in the SASOHN Rules of Procedure, to a member who has served with distinction in any field of Occupational Health Nursing. 
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2021 Membership Fee

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